Effortless, private location sharing.

Flaremail lets you easily share your location with your friends and family. When you send a Flare, you create a personal and temporary webpage with a map of your location. Send it to your friends in a text or email for fast and private location sharing.

On the move?

Keep tracking on to update location on your Flare Map every minute so anyone you choose can see where you are. Don’t worry, we’ll only track your location for as long as you specify, or an hour by default.

Holding Still?

Turn tracking off to send a stationary Flare. People can easily find their way to you, which is especially helpful when you say: “Meet me by the guy with the double-decker bike.”

Share with anybody

Your friends don’t need the app to receive your Flare. Flares are displayed on a mobile-optimized webpage. Anyone you choose can see them on the device they choose.


Location tracking

Users have the option to turn location tracking on and off. With location tracking on, recipients can see your Flare Trail as your location is updated.

Flare lifetime

Users can select how long their Flare is active: 30 minutes / 1 hour / 2 hours. Flares are deleted after expiration for added privacy.

Update frequency

Users can adjust the accuracy of their map by changing the update frequency: 15 sec / 30 sec / 1 minute. The more frequent the updates, the more accurate the map.

Frequent users

Instantly share with the last person you sent a Flare to.

Send flares via SMS

Text your flare to any of your contacts from within the app.

Send flares via SMS

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